Redstone Creation: 24 hour digital clock - Custom memory etc.

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  1. Thats what the 24 hour digital clock looks like from the front - wool setup ain't my thing.

    The programming and memory blocks.

    1st memory (to the bottom left) is a 80 mem.
    2nd memory is a 96 mem.
    3rd is 192 mem.
    4th is 70 mem.

    And as a last notice, thanks to Superdog93 for testing, gathering and overall assisting, and ISMOOCH for complaining!
  2. lol, looks.... difficult to build!
  3. Took me 4 hours to wire the last memory (to the left in the bottom picture) mainly because of the lack of rooms.

    I guess the project has been on its way for 3 days now - and yes it was a challenge, but i love it!

    I had to share it here :p haven't shared all the other creations, but this one is just.... stunning!
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  4. and it still works regularly, even with it being on a server?
  5. cows mess it up... and an occasional lag spike may make some numbers look funny,like a bad calculator.
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  6. ah, but it still works overall then :D it's impressive!
  7. Thats what i've fixed today so the mem isnt getting messed up.
  8. Is this in the server cause if it is i wana know wer
  9. Wow, figures it would be you PThagaard! Lol good job! I wish i could do something like that!
  10. On Utopia - SIEGE resident.

    :D thanks - was a joined task by all 3 of us - mainly.

    But yes, i am VERY satisfied with the result.
  11. Lol cool. Hey, i finished your skin, by the way. Check the conversation.