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  1. I had several subjects on my mind so I thought I would post them all in 1 thread.

    Owning a shop:

    I need tips on owning a shop. 3842 to see the design of it. Please post some tips below and maybe it could help others aswell. Yes, I am very familiar with the concept of shops themselves, but I am not excatly sure on OWNING one.

    Mob Arena Enchants on Sword and Armor:

    -Unbreaking (Any level, preferably III)
    This is a must have for any piece of armor. Not neccessarily swords most of the time. Each level multiplies its durability.
    -Protection (IV or III)
    Preferably IV on this one. It is very well needed because it protects you from EVERYTHING. Blast Protection is okay for explody rounds. Projectile Protection is good for skeletons. Fire Protection is good if you dont plan on bringing Fire Res. Pots which is a terrible idea.
    -Thorns (III)
    Now having this will allow you to kill more zombies because they will be hugging you ALOT. I think that having only 1 piece with it is needed because 4 is kind of overkill and 1 allows you for a small chance still. Not a must have.
    -Sharpness (IV or V)
    Alone, this is not the best idea. Paired with something (Mostly Knockback II) will make its impact alot greater.
    -Smite (IV or V)
    You can usually find this cheaper than Sharpness IV or V but it only hits Undead Mobs, which are mainly in the MobArena. Good for late rounds.
    -BOA (Any)
    Don't use it, its only good for spiders and silverfish. Not really what you see alot of.
    -Knockback (Any)
    This is another MUST HAVE in the Mobarena because it keeps the mobs at a distance. Use this to hit a couple of close zombies and pair with Smite or Sharpness.
    -Fire Aspect (Any)
    I really don't care for this, mostly because the obstacles will do alot of the damage to the mobs.
    -Looting (Any)
    You dont need to loot the mobs here, its too much a valuable enchant to waste.

    Asking for people to sell to your shops:

    Is this considered begging? It isn't asking for rupees or any certain item, just to sell to your shop. I am just curious on this.

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  2. the green text!
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  7. In what way?

    If you mean; "Can someone plz sell to my store" every 5 minutes, that would probably be spam but not begging. This also wouldn't really follow the definition of "begging"
    It also may be come under the no "unsolicited shop ads" rule which isn't exactly enforced but is frowned upon and doing it too much will get you a warning.
    So of course there's always lines that shouldn't be crossed. Even if it's not begging, it could be being a pain in chat or spamming. :) And as always, mods are able to clearly tell what is and what is not begging.

    1) Stay well stocked
    2) Don't paste unsolicited shop ads into chat, instead
    3) when someone asks for a certain item, respond with "I sell ... at /v ####" this is the only way that your store will grow.
    4) Be polite, build up a good reputation. :)
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