RED's Dragcave giveaway!

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  1. Do you own an CB Black in DragCave? If not, I'm here to help! There will be 10 slots open for a CB Black egg.

    You can't have an existing CB Black.
    You must have a DragCave account.

    Good luck!


    The list:
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  2. I already have a ultraviolet, could you do another one of these for another egg?
  3. Egg is now a CB Black.
  4. I, still have that.
  5. I dont think I have a cb black, I have other blacks, but not a cb black.
    I would like 10
  6. Okay, it shall be done.
  7. Okay then.
  8. Oh, and the raffle will start when the egg has 4 days left.

    Currently, there are 2d 3h left to get a slot.
  9. 1337

    How's about 5
  10. any open pls :)
  11. need this one to breed with my PB :D
  12. Okay. Orlandont, you're in 2.
  13. 2 more slots open....
  14. I have luck.
    Bad luck.
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  15. I dont know how to sign up on DragCave, but Ive tried and it didnt work. Do you know how?
  16. Don't think this is disrespectful in anyway; I'm just asking. What is your problem? (I didn't mean it THAT way...:rolleyes:) If I knew I could probably help you set up your account.