Red's Awesome Garage Auction

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  1. I was dusting out my garage and I found all my old junk! I found

    My 2012 Minecar - VX! (Minecart named!)
    My magical painting I got from a genie (painting named!)
    My old potato half eaten (potato named!)
    SpyPie's old bone (bone named!)
    And last but not least I found my dirt toy Jim! (dirt named)

    I felt the need to share this but with who? So I decided an auction!

    Starting bid: 5r
    Minimum bid increment: 1r
    Auction will end 24 hours after last bidder has bid
    Just set up a chest for me (if on smp9 set it for Darkfalcon01) and when you have paid they will eventually go to your chest. I have loopholes through the name item system. :)

    Happy bidding! Questions accepted through pms.
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  2. Is this auction even legal?
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  3. its not being held in the auctions forum so i think its okay. either way, ill outbid anybody just so i can own that potato
  4. This is not valid

    1 - Its not in the Auction Sub-forum
    2 -
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  6. You can't close this redwing... And it's not even in the auction thread
  7. i bid 305
  8. This isn't valid, so you may as well stop bidding.
    Don't think you can get around the auction rules by putting it in another forum.
  9. It's a joke. 601r
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  10. I can't believe this is still going...
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  11. 100k
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  12. My gosh gap...
  13. 0.o
  14. As said above, this does not follow the auction guidelines nor is it in the auction subforum. Auction closed and locked. Do not post auctions in other subforums.

    You are more than welcome to try to directly sell these, but it will be for a set price.
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Not open for further replies.