Redhead Redstone Compettion!!!

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  1. hey guys, ive benn thinking about this for quite a while and, well here it is! This is a compettion to make the moste suffisticated (probs spelt that wrong) amazeing machine. I would like to point out that this is nothing like The Incredible machine compettion a while back.

    1. no copying, if i find two machines that are alike, they will both be dissqualifyed.
    2.RubeGolburg machines are accepted, but try to make it as complicated as you can.
    3. No entry fee at all, entrys WILL be posted in this thred.
    4.Evry Creation MUST be in one of the EMC servers.(it may be in the wilderness, but if I die, its your cost.)



    where the heck it is on your res:
    (optional) Short video explaining the machine.

    1st:5000r 5diamonds

    Donations Much Apprecieated!!!!!!!
  2. cool im going to try this :D
  3. forgot to mention you need to do a list of entries like on google docs? then everyone can see them, so no double entries
  4. whats dat?
  5. I think I may enter. Can your creation be in the wilderness?
  6. can it be on SSP?
  7. if its single player then its not fair is it? so thats going to be a no
  8. where there is a list of every entry so no doubles or just edit the main post
  9. Good point
  10. If I entered in a thingy could it be a note block song?
  11. I reckon that would be cool You should enter your song if you have made one ;)
  12. i should make a template sortof thingy.
  13. ok, entrys start now
  14. Oh i know someone that might be interested in this >:]
  15. stiil, nobodys donated, prizes will be the same without dem
  16. hey, nobodys enterd
  17. I am entering my dispenser machine gun! It fires over 5 per second!
  18. please fill out the template