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  1. hi i hope that i will have fun on this. my sis is pink mystery and my bro is green mystery.
  2. More mysterious backup I see.
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  3. We've almost built our army up to levels of critical mass. We strike at dawn, but don't let everyone else know, it's top secret.
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  4. Hehe.. fix'd
  5. Now your army is bigger than mine. Guess I have to go make more A.I now

    Edit: Welcome Red_Mystery hope you have lots of fun here.
  6. Were being invaded... LOAD UP THE LEGIT ARMY!

    Hi By the way! :)
  7. You are cooler than Green_Mystery, because you are.
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  8. Oooooo can I be Blue_Mystery? :D
  9. 82.png
    A banner for thine army!
  10. LOL - Just, LOL :D
    Welcome btw :p
  11. when the empire falls to the Mystery Army, I call dibs on Smooch_Mystery.. you heard it here first.
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  12. I will just dissapear.
    (who got it, i diserve a LOL at least)
  13. Just kidding.

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  14. AHAHAH the the empire will never fall under the mistery banner as long as the delta team is there to protect it!!!
    Even though greens power as a mod might give them an edge
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  15. And so rises Blue_Mystery...

  16. Blue_Mystery will be the Element of WATER

    Red_Mystery shall be FIRE

    Green_Mystery will be Earth!

    and Yellow_Mystery LIGHT!

  17. screw that im not gonna be a mystery when emc fall ima be a brandery.OH YA!
  18. If he wanted you to know don't you think he would have told you?
    Can we get back on topic now?

    So what is name of mystery army?
    Epic Mystery :p
  19. and Pink_Mystery will be FABULOUS!
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  20. Agreed