Red Wolves Donations

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by fluffinator09, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. This is a thread for The Red Wolves
    This thread is for the purpose of donations that are needed for the function of us here on Empire Minecraft. Please do not reply to this with any requests to join, information, or any thing else for that go to:
    Right now we are in need of:
    -Wool (any color)
    -Dyes (any color)
    -Weapons and armor
    -Potions and ingrediants
    -Precious Metals

    If anyone posts anything clan related in here I will report it and get it removed!
    This post will be periodically updated.
  2. Wait are you going to donate?
  3. Blue Wolves FOREVER!
  4. Natfan, no fighting or harassing:)
  5. Awww, but those are my best traits! Anyway, how are you doing, Hash?
  6. Please do not respond to this thread unless it has to do with donating.
  7. Good, how about you?