Red stone creations

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  1. So I made a simple tree farm using redstone and it doesn't want to work properly.

    I went into single player to remake it and found that it works just fine.

    My question is, could the redstone contraption's failure be a server side issue? The farm employs a double piston extender and it seems to be very temperamental when I start the farm :/

    Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I believe Redstone in Bukkit severs work a bit different to normal SP - I don't know how to fix something like this, but I'm sure there are some more Redstone-Savvy people here who would know. ;)
  3. Make sure you check your tree farms over to make sure that they are exactly the same. I had a embarrassing moment when I built a potion factory wrong in my single-player and actually asked the designer for help because it didn't work. He offered some suggestions, and, after comparing the two machines (EMC and single-player) I found the problem. The moral of the story: Always check for any minor differences, and never put the repeaters backwards. ;) So just compare your EMC machine to your survival one, and maybe you'll find that you accidentally made some change to the survival one that made it work.
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  4. What I also recommend, is the World Downloader mod, which downloads the world to SP; so you can check if it works there. :)
  5. The thing is, it's not a very complex design. I've also been staring at it for a while trying to figure out what I've done wrong, while switching back and forth between it and single player.

    This might be a very cool idea. Thanks for the info/
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  6. So thanks to THE_LEGEND4's recommendation of getting the World Downloader mod, I have found that the farm works fine when I start up an image of it in single player. Meaning it must be a server side issue.

    Do any of the mods know anything about this?
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  7. No problem!

    The World Downloader mod is an approved mod - In fact, it was a staff member who showed me this mod in the first place! :p
  8. the problem is likely to do with the double piston extender. this is due to how pistons work. pistons take 1 tic to extend as im sure you know and the problem with double piston extenders is that the timing has to be perfect. because servers tics can vary this can mess up the timing with the pistons causing them to glitch or mis-fire. if this is the reason there is no fix and you will have to use a different design. a second possibility is the redstone timing used in the design. redstone also uses tics such as in repeaters but the logic behind it is slightly different and so the redsonte may be slightly out of time with the contraption. I would therefore advise attempting to slow down the machine until you find a timing system that works. it may be a slower machine but at least it should work (unless it's due to the double pitson extender).
    of course I am just guessing here as I don't know what tree farm machine you are using but these 2 theories are common problems amongst server farms

    Hope this helps and you can figure out the issue. but as the others said before you change anything make sure it is an exact replica and there isn't a extra torch somewhere.

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