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    Welcome to Red Plague Gaming!

    What is Red Plague?
    Red Plague Gaming is a small gaming community that facilitates gaming in Titanfall and Minecraft, and has a team in DotA 2 and squads in Battlefield 3. We will also do events on other games, coming as announced.

    How can I join Red Plague?
    Just by posting here, and preferably joining the Steam Group here.

    If you have any questions or comments leave them below! Also I will update the OP as I think of new stuff to add.
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  2. Hi, can I join?
  3. Absolutely! Do you have a Steam?
  4. No, not yet..
  5. When you do join the group, but you're still a member regardless.
  6. Yay for this thread being mainly bumps!
  7. i might join, are the only games you play are in the logo, or more?
  8. I plan to expand, but for now that is it.
  9. whats the logo of the game on the bottom right, but of that list i only have minecraft, might be getting titanfall soon, and if im going to be getting a battlefield its going to probably be 4
  10. D. O. T. A!!!!
  11. uh, what does dota mean?
  12. ah, okay, dota the game
  13. Yes. The best Multiplayer game that ever existed.
  14. Gmod >:-D
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  15. just a question, do we use skype when playing?