Red Fox Bulk Co, All of you're building needs Farmed for you!!!

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  1. Hello and welcome to our thread!
    me and my brother redneckpeck are starting a bulk business and are looking for part time/full time buyers! we specialize in all building materials, and also do special orders! Prices are always negotiable feel free to visit our shop and fill out a book with any requests you may have, we only do large orders, multiple dc's of what ever you are inquiring about!

    Owner: Redneckpeck Res # 7040
    Co Owner: Hightekredneck Res # 7275
    Both available on SMP3!

    -Hightekredneck :p
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  2. I would be interesting, If you are in-game just look for me,
    I am on SMP6 atm.
  3. Do you have obsidian available? What would be your price?
  4. il get back to you on the obsidian prices here shortly! :)
  5. obsidian dc's run from 85-100k depending on the demand, if your still intrested
  6. Are you planning on farming for Quartz? I could buy it from you 'full-time' at a good price.
  7. How much do you pay Per dc?
  8. How much for a DC of Quartz Blocks? I need one again?
  9. Uhm give me a few moments, to do some price checking this time lol..
  10. If you ever need a miner shoot me a PM. I'd consider adding you as a supplier for my shop, too
  11. I need a dc full of stone and a stack iron ore and a stack coal ore. Can you supply me?
  12. Can you supply me some dcs of stone? (smooth)