Red Bull Airdrop?

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  1. Hi guys,

    If you have been following red bull, you know that their latest promotional event was/ is the red bull airdrop. This is taking place in many universities all over the world! Check this out to find out...

    So I was wondering if there are any university students out there, here on EMC who experienced this awesome event! Post some photos, or write something about the experience. Here is my story and some photos...

    It was an abnormally cold early morning 6am infact, only the second day back after the mid semester break, exam blues were swirling in my head, an exam first thing in the morning, why couldn't they do it late morning/ early afternoon I kept repeating to myself. I was tired from the previous nights study, that was until I saw a crate in the courtyard centre, a crate with cargo netting around it. As I approached I read "RedBull" on the outside, I thought "Could this be true"! as I got closer, I saw cans, tones and tones of them!! My worries about the exam were over, I immediately took my bag off, and filled it with as many redbulls as I could. I walked into the exam room, sipping a can of my saving grace! With a sly smirk on my face, I threw the empty can into the bin, took a seat behind a table with a paper on it... Ready for anything that it held. Winning I say, winning!

    I got a few photos too... here they are:


    My saving grace for such an early morning!

    My stash (well, what was left of it when I got back home a few minutes ago)...
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