[Recurring]- Good Pay. See here....

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  1. Hello everyone, Polo is back :). So a few days ago I started EMC again and I'm already building a new mall, spreading over four residents and costing over 250k (/v 2233). You'll be able to buy normal everyday materials, and bulk buying. bulk buying will consist of wool, glass, sand and so on.

    So what do I want?
    I need a life long- or there abouts- employee that will collect sand, transport it to 2233 and store it. Simple hu? That's it. Done. This Job will need to be done everyday and up to one DC is needed. Shovels are not included.

    If you're interested drop me a comment or message and we'll discuss payments.
  2. Hey, that sounds like a decent side job. Message me if you still need someone
  3. I would not recommend using shovels. Torches are a lot easier. We might be able to work something out since I have a large sand mine, though no active operations there yet.