[RECRUITING]Simx Native Land

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  1. So the Simxs are moving into the wild to start a wild, by Simxs it's not plural, there's only me.
    If you want to join I haven't picked a server or location yet, but if anyone wants to join me on my misadventures let me know, it'd be cool yo. We'll build mob farms and stuff.
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  2. Ill join :) i need some more wild bases, can we do smp6?
  3. Well have to see what the general public wants
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  4. I am the general public :D
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  5. Would this be once 1.7 comes out? Cuz I plan on having a permanent resource-collection base so may as well be here
  6. Sure I'll join! As long as it isn't a crowded server
  7. Yeah hopefully in a Mesa biome or something cool
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  8. If you go north from the north youll hit my base :)
    careful :p
  9. Im coming xD
  10. I'll join! I love me some adventuring. :)
  11. Don't worry we don't plan on going anywhere near you lolol
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  12. yooo if anyone else wants to come let me know
  13. So when 1.7 pushes live will we go out as a group or just head out whenever with you picking a spot?
  14. I have already spent a long time finding a good location on SMP5.

    I plan on reserving a large area for myself to build only (as the layout is highly technical, little room for error). But I'd also like the area to be used by other people, even build their own establishments, or work on some shared projects with me.

    With the new 1.7.2 Wastelands coming very very soon. This makes available some very nice new blocks. And an economic opportunity for those skilled adventurers willing to brave the wastes to acquire the new blocks, some very rare, very useful, and non-craftable (packed ice, podzol).

    So my position is this:
    1. Yes, I am interested in a coordinated group effort to build up a cool Wild community. (And I have a location and many plans already for this)
    2. When 1.7.2 Waste is released, I will be right out there looking for the rare biomes to aquire the new blocks. For my own use, and to sell to others who do not wish to brave the waste.

    If any of this fits into your plans, let me know. We can work together.

    I made a.. lengthy thread about it here: http:
    SMP5 Rare Biome Project (RBP)?
  15. Why dont you just join us again sam? :p We are also gonna be looking for the new biomes ofcourse :)
  16. UPDATE: I've decided to cancel my new wild base. Silly me didn't understand the Wilds will also get new outposts in newly generated 1.7.2 chunks. So I would like to build the new base out there instead.

    Which means I am even more ready to join an organised team. But still on SMP5
  17. Is this the same thing you and I have been talking about doing Samsim? If so I will join you if I am welcome. I am not sure I should pronounce Simx though.
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  18. No what we were talking about is different, this is more of a community thing. And it's sim- then the letter "x"
  19. I would love to join this. I'm on SMP9, but I guess I could use the vault to transfer some items.