Recruiting people for my clan

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  1. In Clash Of Clans I created my own clan
    Named after my old clan that split up, and I'm wondering if anyone wanted to join
    The basic info you will need to use advanced search
    Name: New wuktes
    Trophies needed: 200
    Clan located: United states
    War frequency: 2 times a week
    Please pm if you need more info

    Edit: if you say your from emc I will give ya free elder ;)
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  2. I think i joined
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  3. Yep, thanks for joining
    I have gave you a little surprise as well
  4. So far there is 6 people in the clan :D
    Thanks to all of those who have already joined
  5. ;)
  6. Do you war and what level are you?
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  7. 1. I will as soon as we have the minimum needed for war
    We currently need 1 more member
    But we will accept anyone :)
    Please join if possible ;)
    2. My character is lvl 50, the clan is lvl 1
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  8. Im in her clan and im lvl 95
  9. chespin start war, we have 10
  10. We have to wait for the other guy to be eligible for war
    He will be eligible in: 1 day 10 hrs

    So can another person join? Possible with a lower time so we can start war :)
  11. Ok we now have 11 members
    But are waiting for two of them to be eligible

    Anyone can join still
    If you need and an invite or help or anything just ask ;)
  12. uh I never play coc but if you want me to join and not do anything Ill join
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