[Recruiting/Jobs] Vulcan Mega Mall

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  1. Hi EMC, I am starting to recruit people to work at my 9500 Mega Mall.

    You have to be over 100 days old unless I personally know you are trust worthy.
    (I will recruit members newer than that soon)
    No bad bans e.g. stealing, griefing etc.
    You must stick to the job that you get assigned it will not take up all of your time.
    The longer you supply and help with a good record we will give you bonuses
    We will sort out prices in a PM.
    There will be your own supply room in my mega mall.

    Job Application
    ign: (e.g. xothis_dwarf)
    if banned why:
    any alts:

    Jobs: (only supply jobs at the moment)
    Suppliers (PM me on what you can supply)- up to 15 jobs
  2. reserved