Recruiting Help - Big Evil Mountain Castle

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  1. SMP8 - 16002 - Next to spawn

    Making a huge, evil themed castle on a man-made mountain. There are plenty of interesting and hidden features planned. Brandop123 is the owner of the res and supplier. I'm the primary builder.
    Looking for other builders to help with donations or building.

    MUST have a lot of Minecraft experience and skill. The standard is quite high.

    Not a whole lot down yet.
  2. The entry way and stair case is temporary.
  3. Hmm. I love to build, though I'm not terribly original. I could just be manpower if you like.
  4. It could help. Just building a mountain at the moment and that doesn't take a whole lot of creativity.
  5. Alright, gimme a shout-out when I'm needed. I'm normally on smp2.
  6. I checked out your res. You show signs if intelligent design which is good enough for now. =]
  7. Can you hop on smp8 now?
  8. Umm...
    No, not really. I'll probably be back on like 15 hours from now. It's almost midnight here in California and I get to go back to school tomorrow D:
  9. Than we still need more help. lol. Any takers?
  10. I can build a lot of different stuffs. check out my SMP 1 res or pgoubert-3 on SMP 2 or FaustLauncher(-4 i guess) on SMP 7 or 5003 on Utopia or 4422 on SMP 2.

    That should give you a good view of what im able to build :D

    I got dinner now, BRB in about 1.5hr
  11. Check out your res. Not bad =]
  12. some more pics

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  13. did u say town or wildy?
  14. Its in town, 16002. Where is teh banner ss brand?
  15. banner screenshot

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  16. So whats the task at hand =p?
  17. Helping build and donate resources. =] really low on nether brick atm