Recipes for Food [Funny]

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  1. Hello there. Its midnight so 99% of what i say will be wrong.

    Recipes for food:

    1 serving fresh cooked DogsRNice
    1 Serving of fresh BiscuitBoy
    1 Serving of Squished Bobthetomatoe

    A Slice of Bobthetomatoe
    2 slices of BiscuitBoy
    7 Slices of Gnyctk
    2 Pieces of Lettuce.


    1 Freshly sliced piece of Terr
    2 Slices of BiscuitBoy
    1 Can of Nuclear Waste.

    Death By Smell:

    1 Tin Can

    How to make it:
    Go stalk ATOMICFARTHEAD and when he is afk get out the tin can and capture his smell.
    Then quickly put a diamond in a can seal it up.

    How to Use it:
    Find a friend and say Here :D
    Your friend will see the diamond and rush to open it when then he will smell the toxic smeel.
  2. Sounds delicious.
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  3. Wouldn't 1 Hot Dog be also 1 Freshly Slain BobTheTomato?
  4. Updated :D
  5. now for jeanzlmix mwahahaha
  6. With a side drink of Aikar Sparkling Moderator.
    EDIT: You guys better like this as I just realized this was my 1000th post on the EMC forums. (What a waste, I know)
  7. jeanzlmix
    one seving of jeanzl chips
    and ground iamsaj chunks
  8. Congrats on 1000 posts! It'll take me awhile yet...
  9. try to get to me!!!
    this is my 1,245th post
  10. Wow... I'm just getting to 500...
  11. Really? You have more posts then I do, and I've been here longer. :eek:
  12. Panda Ramen

    Two cups of Pandaseastramen brand ramen

    All of Bobthetomatoe

    A dash of Legit spices

    Five buckets of lava
  13. heh heh heh...
  14. All I saw :) I realease continually when I afk ;)
  15. sniff sniff eww
  16. It's because he spams useless uncapitalized zero effort level threads......