Recent Members Being Rude And Disrespectful

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  1. Hello there all empire members,

    Recently I have been noticing many new members writing threads about themselves getting banned. This is not considered a problem to me. The problem with this is what they say in the threads they write. Now I am not going to point fingers or mention names about this but this has got to stop. People are calling the rules and the commandments stupid. People are insulting the moderators that banned them. People that get banned for a couple of days get permanently banned for going berserk on the servers right when they get unbanned. In general I notice the newest members doing dumb things to get themselves banned. An example would be one I saw earlier today about the person claiming that it was just a "joke". And then he/she started insulting the moderators and the rules. To all new members that have gotten your selves banned:
    Instead of losing your chance to play on EMC try being sincere by apologizing and stating that what you have done was wrong.

    That's all I have to say,
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  2. I believe its one of the downsides of a fast growing community.

    But I'm sure with the massive amount of new-comers each day - the percentage thats doing something bad - is fairly low.
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  3. Very true yet with the massive amount of newcomers everyday most of them are going to end up being awesome like me or you but a bunch of them or going to end up getting themselves banned.
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  4. Agreed.

    But looking at the graveyard and amounts of bans before EMC really took off (Im guessing it was around the time i got here) im sure the percentage of people getting banned in the first week is almost the same - its just a guess though.
  5. Yup sadly we have to weed through the bad to get to the good :)
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  6. Yeah sometimes I take a stroll a the empire graveyard to check out the names and it really saddens me when I see someone I knew at the start of EMC that seemed really cool. And then I /pinfo them and it turns out the were swearing or using xray hacks.