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  1. I make a new TP. Apparently I can "see through things with glass." I accidentally placed glass in

    my house and figured out I have this bug with my TP. I saw caves. it was amazing, but I only

    used it for a mere minute, and IPwnCreeps thinks I use "mods." I don't know wither he's high, or

    jking. Just because I have 5 1/2 stacks of diamonds doesn't mean I hack. I spent like 3-4 days

    mining. Ipwncreeps is dumb, because I told him to look at "How To Find Diamonds Like a REAL

    Man" He said no. I exploited for a mere minute. That's when I knew I had to take of my TP, and I

    get banned for having a Xray TP. 1st I don't have X-Ray. It only let me see caves. 2nd I only used

    it for a minute. 3rd Do you think I'm that dumb to xray. Listen. I X-Rayed before. It was fun got

    10 stacks of diamond and I was balling, I left that sever later on and found this one. this one had a

    lot of good rating so I decided to not x ray. Did I seriously get banned for not know this bug for

    TP? Hmph. That's yours to decide. When I look at the review on a Video it said "Good admins and

    mods" Bullshit. If I get banned for not knowing I have a one block X-Ray then you should ban

    yoursleves for having TP's or MCPatcher. Or even a MOD that is not compatible with the sever.

    Another review said "I like this sever. The admins weren't so stupid like in my last sever" again.

    Bullshit. they don't ask you questions for how long you used it. In the rules it says "Thou Shalt not

    Hack" I'm not hacking it's a TP. Get it right. I'm good at proving that the admins/mods were

    wrong. Sometimes on a Friday night. Admins/Mods shouldn't be able to get on, because they

    never hear the full story. The think "Oh... something is wrong with his TP BAN" Is this seriously

    how it's going down? Ipwncreeper I'm not that dumb to know that ISMOOCH was right there. I

    knew he was listening. Right when you said "Let's talk locally" I knew some bullshit was up. I had

    an "Asian Sense" that he was listening. Each time you paused to look down, I knew you were

    either taking a screenshot, or messaging some1 else. I fucking smarter than that. You expect me to

    answer "I won't tell anyone i promise" Bullshit again. The way you acted was telling me," Some

    bullshit is going down here." You "supporters" really call yourself supporters if you lie about

    someone have an x ray TP, and you Admin/Mods really call your self Admins/Mods if you

    banned innocent people, and you don't help people. OR don't even understand a ;) telling you it's a

    jk? ISMOOCH, how could you not understand a wink? The people that did it are obviously idiots. I

    was making a joke. Did or did you not see that people were laughing? Are you trying to make the

    sever dull? not being rude here. But this is some bullshit. Getting kicked in the wild where

    NOBODY can here you, for spamming? Some people just believin' everything. "Hey guess what?"

    "What?" "Jump off that mountain for free diamonds" "lol" Kicked By ISMOOCH Reason: lieing

    Really? Really? REALLY? Even when YOU KNOW there just kidding? There are so many

    banning/kicking issues on this sever. I'm a leave it like this. Quick, fast, smooth. "Do you really

    want someone to be banned, for something that they didn't do?" I'm leaving it up to you here.

    You choice your decision. Which path will you take? "Hey your getting banned for having a

    messed up TP" or "It's okay just switch out your TP, and we'll call it a day, okay?" (If it's a X-Ray

    TP meant for X-Ray-ing then ban them, then other wise DON'T"
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