Really, Permaban?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by battlejacob2, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. I just got banned for using illegal mods because i was joking around with my friend on google hangout and he reported me, and then someone saw me jumping under a beacon res!
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  2. he really wasn't using nodus oops
  3. Start a conversation with the person who banned you here, and tell him the details and stuff.
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  4. this really should have been sent to a mod in a personal message, not posted on here.. =\
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  5. This is not the proper way to appeal.
    If your friend reported you and you weren't using "hacks" then that would also get your friend in trouble because HE abused the report system.. Also
    Who said he was using nodus?
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  6. /player?
  7. Yes, really, a permaban.

    (FYI, staff can tell the difference between beacon boosts and haxors)
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  8. I remember when I came back in the middle of when the beacon update happened and freaked out when I was running around town and suddenly sped up. I almost peed myself and told krysyy about it right away. Her response:


    In my head I am going, "I am such an idiot XD".
  9. But I really wasn't using hacks
  10. i was in a google hangout with him
  11. Your punishment for posting this on the forums:
    -A meme troll from the active community
    -A 80% less chance you will be unbanned
    -And your history is ruined if you get permabanned
    That's what they all say...
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  12. AAAW YEAH.jpg
  13. That's what they all say....
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