Really cheap Villager Eggs

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  1. At my res, 1303 i sell Villager Eggs. I sell them for 40r (really cheap right?). So if you want to make a huge Villager farm, buy Villager Eggs at 1303. This is an easy way to get money!
    Hurry before they run out of stock!


    Ps. If they do run out of stock alert me on this thread and I will restock them.
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  2. I don't think you'll ever run out of stock!

    I'll give you many..many..many...MANY.... Villagers after i'm done :)

    EDIT: Make a 'bulk' sign of Buying/selling villagers like 32 or 64 if you know what I mean ;)
  3. Just sell some to me as it is, but i will add a bulk sign.
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  4. lol
    i sell them for 100r and they always get out of stock
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  5. I will restock in a bit!
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  6. Sorry, they are already in stock.
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  7. How'd you get them so cheap considering it costs 100 rupees to egg them?
  8. Villgaer breeding is allowed in town for now...
  9. I like doing my freinds a favor ;)
    No, what he said \/
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  10. Really? Epic
  11. But dont bother breeding them, buy them at 1303!
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  12. Money making <3
  13. Well its a great money investment. One emrald is worth 30r and if you have more villagers then you get more emralds.
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  14. Temporarily disabling selling villager eggs to me.
    (I lost 40k in two days :eek:)
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  15. lol yeah that happens when when you don't do it right.
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  16. Anyone who buys all of the villager eggs gets a 5k reimbursement.
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  17. How much is left in stock, I will buy them all if their isn't to many left. :)
  18. Like 17 stacks
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  19. o.o
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  20. Like I said before, this can be a REALLY good money investment. And you could sel them at your shop for 100r and get profit instantly.
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