Really Bad Lag?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by OmarWrongChat, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Heya EMC,

    Earlier this morning, my connection was perfectly fine (minus one bar of connection because I was a bit far from my router). Now, for the past hour or so, I have not moved an inch, and have restarted my computer, and my connection is unplayable. [Screenshot of EMC Connection Bars] Every other thing that uses internet works fine, but it seems like it is just the EMC server that isn't working very well for me. Is this the case with anyone else? Also, any suggestions on getting this fixed? Thanks!

  2. Just a FYI, your router and MC bars are 2 different things. the MC bars is your ping on how long it takes to connect/send information to the server, then you only have bars on your Task bar if your WiFi, and that's the strength. You can usually run it at 1-2 bars and have perfect connection.

    This can also happen from your ISP if there is a slight hick-up in the connection, and does not mean that its always EMC's fault If no one else is having it, I would suggest it is your ISP and you can either call them and spend hours trying to get them to fix it, or just wait a bit and usually it sorts its self out....

    I have this issues once in a while, and when it happens, I go watch a TV show or a movie, or even go do something that has to be done around the house and when i get back its usually fixed...
  3. For you, does everything using internet slow down? or just EMC. For me, it seems to be just the EMC server that is slowing down. I can play on any other server atm with it being perfectly fine which is really weird.