Really Bad Lag

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  1. Ok, so Im on SMP2, building my house. Fun stuff right? Well, the chat is perfectly fine. No lag. No problems. Its the block breaking Im having issues with. As well as water. When I break a block, it comes back for a second, and then breaks. Its annoying. Help?
  2. Hi,
    Lag issues have many reasons, some of them:

    Server RAM lag (when server get's out of ram): Ussually gives huge lag in all ways and turns out into crash.
    Server Internet connection lag: The whole server related stuff will get laggy (chat and game).

    PC confiiguration lag: When you'r pc has not enough resources, ussually brings up block/actions related lag, can only be solved by closing all processes or getting a better pc. (to close a process on windows7 do ctrl+shift+esc and delete stuff you dont use, i can't say you what to stop, but maybe tuneup utilities 2011 could help a bit, it has a trial of 20 days i think :)

    Internet connection lag: Same as server related, but in this case, no other player talks about lag (or little of them)
    (also related to ping, maybe because you are far away from where the server is actually hosted)

    I personally don't play minecraft on one of my kick-ass pc's (i like to keep those for hard tasks only :p )
    but i don't experience much lag related to my pc (config follows) only bout this god dammit hotel internet -.-

    • Pentium inside last gen 2.0ghz
    • Integrated Intel graphics
    • 3gb ram ddr2

    some solutions follow:

    This ones if you CAN

    • Getting a better pc (processor is the main thing on minecraft)
    • Getting a better internet connection (try looking for the ones with less ping, no need for 10000000000000mbit/s)
    • Connecting via ethernet (in case you have a notebook)
    • In case you'r pc heats to much, give him some cool air :)

    Hope it helps,

  3. The funny thing is, I dont experience this type of lag on any other server.
  4. Can you please do a speed test with this website> speedtest and after that, can you post the results here?
    As server choose one from the east of U.S.A.

    (here are my results)

    Also, does this happens all the time or when?
    Maybe it was a thing of a night or somehting?
  5. Actually, is not.
    You'r ping is 10ms for a U.S.A. east city (i was wrong the best way to do it was west but its ok :p) and your download rate is 14mb, i believe the problem is NOT your internet connection, try logging in tomorrow to check if the lag is the same, less or more...

    Maybe it could be your pc lag, but once again, there are lots of factors that could 'contribute' to this lag.

    I already experienced (on my few days at empire minecraft) 2 times when many players (including me) were having huge lag, but fixed with restart.

    Also, i experience some block lag and water lag also, tho isnt a biggy.

    I think that if is not your pc lag (i don't know what config you have, tho im shure is better than mine) and is not internet, the only guilty could be server :(

    Try playing on single player to see if there is lag in there also, if there is, then it's your pc, if not, it's only this server :/

    Hope i helped,

    Good luck, have fun!
  6. ftw? i just had a double post here, sorry everyone, this was NOT planned :p
  7. lag can also be contributed by something known as "server lag" which is when the lag is generated from the memory usage on server side. This is caused quite often on larger servers such as EMC, and other client side problems can make these problems worse, or seemingly so. with his speed test results, i would say it was just a contribution of server lag, because it is high traffic hours, and it does tend to happen sometimes. "lag" is not always generated client side, so it could not be you at all =).
  8. I am very familiar with server lag. I own a private server, as well as administrate other servers. I was wondering if other people where having these same type of issues on EMC.
  9. I have been experiencing very bad mob lag... like I'm just invincible to mobs now, they're so slow compared to everyone else.
  10. I dont experience any type of lag.

    Maybe its your pc?
  11. Wohoho! No its not my pc lol. This pc is barely 4 weeks old!
  12. Yeah my new PC is around a month old (got it for christmas) so I doubt its my PC. I think its the increase to 60 slots.
  13. I also have alot of lag and my computer can handle Battlefield 3 on Ultra so I doubt that its the computer.
    If you want lag free,Become Gold supporter and Go to utopia,The utopia world is built like all the others with 60 server slots but there are often just 2-5 player so..
  14. I hardly have any lag