Really bad lag on the servers and site.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by SignifiedSix, May 6, 2012.

  1. I cant connect to any of the servers. If i get in, i get disconnected within seconds :/

    Also, i can barely stay connected to the site.

    Everything is going so slow! :(

    Any explanation for this??? I would really like to know!
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  2. Wish I knew, the only thig I can offer is that I'm getting the same thing.
  3. Same here. Some technical difficulties. It will get sorted out as soon as possible I'm sure. Be patient and take a break from Minecraft. :)
  4. Take a break from Minecraft? Are you MAD!? lol
  5. What server did you have trouble with? The site was having problems but the servers were not effected (as far as I can tell), they are not even in the same data center.
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  6. I like how your avatar fits this statement. Your face looks like: "Are you crazy man?"
  7. I play in smp4. Tried joining smp1 also and i still kept getting the "cant communicate with the server" error.
    I know its not my connection, because one other server i go on is working alright, and i went on a bunch of sites to test my internet too.

    About an hour later, i tried joining again. Got on, but its still pretty choppy.

    I hope you find out whats causing this, Justin! :)

    Lol, thanks for pointing that out. That face goes good with many statements! xD
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  8. I always get that if you're trying from the server list. a Direct Connect usually sorts it.
  9. same here, but just on the site and only for like the last 24 hours or so.. sites been loading really slow..
  10. It was happening to me too :(
  11. Me too :(
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  12. I popped in on smp1 last night rather late... 0030EST - 0130EST and the site was down but smp1 was functioning just fine. I didn't notice any lag on the SMP server, just on /
    I know we are hosted on 2 different data centers and that is what I was explaining to users last night.
    Having trouble connecting to the servers is just a Minecraft client bug that occurs at times...
  13. Last night for me when I wanted to go to another webpage it would pop up as an error and then I hit enter again to go to the link for a thread and it would allow me and it was lagging a bit for a couple days or so on emc. Yesterday I told Green_Mystery I was lagging when I went on smp4 I think it is.
  14. I had a problem also at around the same time as the others above along with the people I was with.

    The only way I know of to connect to the severs is or Sounds like there's some other way that works better. Can you describe how you did it, Twitch?
  15. I'm gonna have to try that! Thanks! :D
  16. I was having terrible lag on smp1 last night, around 13 hours ago, and the site wasn't loading for me a couple of hours ago today. Everything will sort itself out though, I'm sure :)
  17. I have a gaming wifi. Im good here. :D