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  1. I was reading a thread and theres a big picture in the ad of what looks like a female Kid Icarus, and it says "One click for a Roman **gy!" this is really not appropriate for a FAMILY server, and these things happen on ads ALL the time.
  2. I can report that advertiser to Google, never seen it. Also:

    Edit: We use Google AdSense for all advertising, it is used on the majority websites and is considered family friendly, it is why you won't see pornography or other things. These are also the same advertisers that would show up in Google search and their sites.
  3. I dont understand why I saw that then, its really not appropriate.
  4. Took off all of the things with "Remove"
  5. Just saw it again, i turned off all of the preferences.
  6. Sorry mate, you may be able to report using the little adsense icon in the bottom corner of every ad.
  7. Ok, sorry if I sounded like a noob, this is really annoying and im on my Mom's computor in her office with her in here with me so im basically screwed over by Google.
  8. Have you tried a different browser?
    It could be some spyware on your pc.
    I get no ad's popping up on this forum.
  9. they dont pop up he means the banners at the aide bottom and top I just turn them off with Ad-blocker for Chrome :)
  10. I dont have chrome my computer has I.E. (sucks glue) and Safari (awesomeness)
  11. Yea, I get this ad from time to time as well, but I just refresh the page to get a new ad. :)
    It is a little out of line but not terrible... Considering what is possible to see in the world....
  12. I reported it but it is just an MMO ad that they pushed the line a little on. I am pretty sure orgy is an acceptable word on broadcast television...
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  13. I dont even know the definition of the word but all the teenagers say it so i assume the worst.
  14. I would honestly just forget it and move on.
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