Real Money?

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  1. Hi everybody

    Im gonna try and put this in the best possible way :)

    Is it allowed to buy objects on the server by paying another member real money like dollars or Euros?
    objects = Anything that you also can buy using ingame rupees...

    And yes,Its a bit overkill but Im low on rupees and high on money :D

    Please give me an "Yes" or "No" :)

    You are welcome to say what you think...

  2. You could buy another MC account and another diamond supporter to get double the daily allowance :D

  3. is vat I did :p

    I did it to help the server, not for the money and extra perks :)
  4. Dude pay me!
    Wat u want?
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  5. I giv u rupees for euros
  6. I think should not be allowed (Only because there parents will think "Oh our child is dealing drugs" and then start asking questions and when you say "I gave a guy on the internet some rupees for money" they won't believe you (Well this is what I think and I am very tired so I'm sorry if this made no sense)

  7. Dude then thats the kids problem
  8. Common guys it's just a game, I can understand donating to the server to help, but that low buying rupees of people, you should have enough already, instead of complaining go make a shop, I don't have one but I manage to get by
  9. An administrator just advised you that it is not allowed. So, it is no longer an issue in part of EU legalities, but a rule regarding Empire Minecraft. You can and will be subject to repercussions if the rules are broken. It's always safer to follow all rules given by an administrator and/or moderator. Not only will you keep yourself out of any trouble, but you'll be one of the great supporters that help keep EMC a very fair and awesome place to play!
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  10. I would like to add that we now have the ability to donate to the sever and earn rupees in return. This ability is in the rupees section.
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  11. Justin, would there be any possible way of also incorporating a way for people to support with donations that do not give special perks? If I ever decide I have funding available to give to EMC, I would not want anything more than what my supporter status gives me (i.e., rupees amounts and exp bonus). Thanks!
  12. Yeah, a few people have requested this, I may add a check box to decline the rupees.
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  13. I have a better idea. Accept the rupees and then give them to me! problem solved.
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  14. or share them among the people.Go around and donate to shops.Its what I plan to do with my leftover rupees if anyone ever takes up my drawing offer.
  15. That would be a good idea, or the ability to donate the rupees to one or more individuals to shop purposes. Awesome!
  16. There are plenty of shops that have a donation box.So I go around and do donating.
  17. I have a donation box at a church i built (Empire Community Church) it's on the stage on SMP6 res 12308. I'm grateful to those who donated for other people to come and take the things they needed. I like seeing other people helping everyone out. It makes EMC an awesome community to be a part of. =)