Real Estate?

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  1. I dont know if this has ever been discussed but is real estate possible, as in you develop a property build your house and what not and the sell ownership of the plot to a willing buyer. Say if you wanted to switch servers or plots to be next to a friends house. might as well get paid for the work youve put in.
  2. I personally don't like this idea, as it would basically destroy the point of survival, gathering resources to build the best house possible ect., but who knows, maybe Justin or Jeremy will like this idea. :)
  3. well currently everytime you reset a lot and choose another place to live, which would be required to give the lot to someone else, it would "RESET" the lot. Everything would be cleared. However, (me not being a heavy programmer) i do not see how hard it could be to make a command that just simply changes ownership of the lot. Since it is really all just a permission system anyways. But i would not bring the idea to the admins yet. Because they have alot on the in progress list already. And it may even be on that list. but it is a good idea. but i think it would be easier for someone to hire you base on prior work and just give you build permissions on their lot.
  4. This would be awesome, but I see one big flaw. We currently only allow you to have one residence (except for Diamond Supporters and Utopia). If we let people buy whatever lots they wanted and then the person could claim a new one theoretically a team of two people could claim an entire server :)
  5. Yay, all we'll need if this gets implemented will be a virtual real estate bubble :D : housing survival.

    After all, this already happens IRL too (but since there are no Endermen IRL, this argument is invalid)
  6. lol, you have heard of survival servers? We have a more in depth even scarier type of server "housing bubble survival", the .com crash has nothing on this. So play today and see if you can keep from becoming homeless.... lol
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