Ready for the holidays!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I added a Christmas Tree outside of the spawn on all SMP servers today, it is even complete with presents under it :)

    I did not design the tree, Junkster7751 did.
  2. This. Is. EPIC!

    A Merry Christmas to you too!
  3. :D Awesome!
    Happy Holidays everyone! May your wishes comes true :)
  4. But where's the Hanukkah bush, or the Kwanza shrub?

    I'm joking, of course.
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  5. They were integrated in to the tree...
  6. But... But.... But you can't do that!
  7. Yes you can.

    It's in the gray text.
  8. O i c wat u did thar... ^_^

    Sorry Green, MC is pretty US-oriented. And in teh U.S. of A, we celebrate Christmas with a tree (for the most part).

    Besides, adding more would just clutter up the pic. Much simpler to go with one well-recognized theme.

    But hey! If you're so torn up about Hanukkah and Kwanza not getting recognized, why not make a tribute of your own? I'd love to see it!

  9. This is awesome. My brother's residence is right next to the SMP3 one. That's how we found it at first.
  10. Nice, can't wait to see it
  11. Ahh.....Don't you just love Christmas?
  12. Put snow on it please.
    It deserves to have snow on it.
  13. Highlight my whole, original post please. Crazy cut it out of his quote, but you should know....

    (And for the record, Minecraft was made in Sweden and I'm an American)
  14. And during Diwali, you'll light every square with torches :D
  15. ACK! Stupid greytext, always tripping me up... I should have learned by now to expect it out of everyone, seeing as how Crazy's turning it into a meme...

    My bad :-/
  16. Inadvertently, mind you.

    No, I did it on purpose.
  17. Another thread hijacked

    by the gray text XD
  18. It's a sad fate for all threads these days. Who am I kidding? We love gray text.