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  1. Well i have never posted a forum introducing myself to the empire but when i saw other people introducing late i thought "better late then never" so here goes:

    • I play Minecraft alot
    • I live on smp9
    • I figured out about emc when my friends started talking about this amazing server then I said "What server?", post if you want to hear the rest
    • I live in Texas (DONT MAKE JOKES ABOUT BACON)
    • I mainly play EMC servers but I occasionally will look on the server list and check out a few servers
    • I am a guy who doesnt like mining alot (though i am starting to mine more)
    • I am redwing2000
  2. yes
  3. Do you have a 10 gallon hat?
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  4. Yes we obviously wear 10 gallon hats! Mine is made out of 1 gallon filled milk jugs and smells like sweat.
  5. Sure?
  6. Howdy yall.
    I never knew you where from texas :p
  7. Redwing is from texas? I never knew why you seemed so cool until now. Finally the myth about about "Only steers and ****** come from Texas" is Busted