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  1. Hello,

    My name is LTmoores (Jamie) and yes i am good at coding and stuff i coded myself a minecraft status page for me and the EMC community to use and i have coded 4 good plugins before used by a few server owners saying it was great i hope people use my status picture it took alot of coding for that
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  2. Hello Ltmoors :)
    Welcome to EMC
    And may I say "Hello World" :)
  3. XD thanks
  4. Ooo are the plugins public?
  5. Thank you for copying someone else's coding :rolleyes:

    Welcome to EMC, but dont take credits for other peoples work - thats just pathetic. We can all copy/paste.




    To me it sounds like your "Coding life" is pretty darn boring if all you do i copy/paste and take credits for other peoples work - and lie about your coding "skills" (or lack of)

    Dont try and bullpoo the EMC community - we are smart, we are strong and we are to damn old to believe in this crap.
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  6. Welcome Ltmoores :p Thanks for buying my diamonds hehe.
  7. Yep, that's just Spout's coding. Until 2 days ago, those icons were in my signature so I'd recognise them a mile off. Don't copy people's stuff and gosh, don't take credit for it...
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  8. I found the coding pictures/update server pictures on the dev spout forums.
  9. So your not a coder? more like find a free host, copy/pasta claim as own work on EMC thinking one is big and cleaver.

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  10. No they where private for me and my friends Sorry
  11. Pathetic.

    Have a good time here at EMC for as long as it lasts.
    Hope it will short.
  12. rude much?
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  13. Copying someone's work, whether it be coding, art or anything else is unacceptable in my opinion. What makes matters worse is that you didn't even credit them. In the future, yes fork off other peoples code but at least ask first, edit it and credit the original creator.
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  14. Read topic much?

    :cool: <3
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  15. Yea i did. doesn't give u a right to say "hope your visit is short cause we hate you"
  16. Wow you guys are a little harsh. Glad to have you here LT.
  17. The right?
    Ofc. it does :)

    We cant all be sweet fakearsed people - who welcome everyone and everything.

    EMC isnt a junkyard that welcomes people that lies and steals? (Its not a real question)
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  18. Lets
    say your Made a amazing little software program, for all your hard work you decided for the greater good of the community to make it free for all to use, then lets say some one takes your tool changes the name and look and then sells said item on Ebay. how would you feel?
  19. So why don't you be a hero and sue the guy? I'm not saying its right. But you should know the risks of publishing free software.
  20. the "risk"?

    Your joking right? :D

    And this is not "Free software" by the way.

    I dont think anyone would like me ripping off at making an <- that would be okay to you i guess.