Re: Warnings and Greifing

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  1. well my last thread was closed due to your guys' inability to win an arguement. therefore, i decided to start a new one.
  2. There is no argument here. The rules are clearly stated.
  3. If you're really willing to get yourself banned from the website, keep this up. The thread was locked for a reason; the conversation (if it could be called that) is over. Pushing it any further shows that you aren't very keen on making a sound argument, but rather you just want us to acquiesce to you. Which isn't going to happen.
  4. sound's more like you're not able to accept that you're wrong. Saying someone deserves to be griefed because they give out perms, you're saying the victim of a crime deserves to have that crime perpetrated on them. Like saying women who wear short skirts deserve to get raped, or people who carry cash deserve to get robbed. Such a stance is not just wrong, it's abhorrent and has no place in civilized society. Yes, giving perms opens a person up to possibly be griefed, is like saying, you could be robbed when you carry a lot of cash. It's not a green light for robbers to rob you.
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  5. Him and his friend from the other topic have both been permabanned. They win.
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  6. so many likes to be given... only one like button.
  7. Even if this is his phone number, the EMC community does not contain tons of trolls who will just call him and troll. SO not sure what you hope to accomplish here. Possibly a ban for distributing personal information of the owner tho...
  8. It's funny when people think they are right when they are wrong. :p

    You know, because these two were obviously wrong....
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  9. but 4chan does... :D
  10. so.. this is funny XD.
  11. Yes but everyone knows that 4chan is not your personal army, this is not an issue they would care about as they have no invested interest in a particular MC server
  12. your not the one getting calls plus i need to get some sleep got the ACT in the mornin bye :*
  13. oH NOES! just got told by a 14yr old.. life is over now :rolleyes:
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  14. 4chan is attacking you? God have mercy, but don't post other peoples stuff
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  15. making personal threats sounds like a matter for the police.
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