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  1. Don't complain because of my bad inglish, trying my best here, reminder, inglish is my second languague, talking to you grammar nazis out there in the forums!

    Hello EMC, players, mods, and random people that are reading this. Me, Felino Amarilla, aka generalfelino015, wants to tell you a 2.0 version of who I am, and what i do, etc.

    Boring story alert!
    • Me from South America, Paraguay, 2 or 3 worst country of South America (but still like my country). Almost a young adult, and only one more year to finish high school!(thnx god is over). Like to party, eat meat, shoot, play PC games and PS3 with little bro. Some of my friends in real life: are sonicol1, and that is all. Other friends or how i like to call them are "kapes", are mister highlancer54, facu12301, deathconn, mman2832, BROOKEY1131, Flamin_Pickle, lameidl, and other friends that are not but we play sometimes some other games.
    • I almost 2 years old, as a EMC member. And things, friends have been part of my MC life, and leaved my MC life. Some of them destroy my reputation, and respect from players(mostly some staff members, and old friends).
    • But as we always here,in my case, humans do mistakes evry time, no mater your IQ, i got 133 IQ :D, no matter what, you will always do a mistake that will afect your life, and who are around you. But still you have oportunities to fix them, you just need to know how to play your cards correctly to win, and correct your mistakes.
    • Also, mister sonicol1 was the good friend, kape that showed me this server, that in the future afected my daily life, and my social life, it did, like a lot, like i went to summer school because I haved an adiction with EMC, so good :D.
    • I also like music, is what helps me do stuff in the day. I like many kinds of geners of music. Mainly Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, etc(so many types of musics).
    Finally it ended...

    Nvm it continues, got damit!

    Anyway, I jsut wanted to re-introduce myself to say hi to the old, and new players that are coming and leaving EMC.

    Also, here is a music video that was one of the first music videos that opened my music pasion part, thing...

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  2. Also! I forgot to put this.

    Ask me anything!


  3. Deja Vu,I have not seen this before...
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  4. We have talked only a few times, and you seem like an awesome dude. I will make sure to say hi if I see you around sometime.
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  5. Sarcasm alert...maybe, maybe not...

    I will try to say hi everytime i see your name pop out in the chat.
  6. Bump. Also in 2 days I will make a thread about a special event that will take date the 7 of October.

    Hint is a about spleef and promos :D.