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  1. Alright, i know no one probably remembers me, but i am DOTD1997. I was EmpireCraft's top casino host before i left.Hurferdurfer1 and Fatandythegreat motivated me to not only stay, but reclaim my title and revive the casino franchise.

    If you do remember me, you know very well what i'm talking about. If you don't then just visit 16074 sometime. I'll probably be on working my ass off to bring you guys the enjoyment of winnnig at a self-winning rigged casino. (I'm going to over stock rares since i "accidently" stock piled my rupees)

    If anyone wishes to help, donations are accepted. Though, if not, then tell me where i can buy the following items:
    -Diamonds (blocks aswell)
    -Gold (blocks aswell)
    -Iron (blocks aswell)
    -Nether brick
    -Redstone (Sell by stack)
    -mob grinder/exp farm (If still sellable)

    Thanks for reading and i look forward to seeing you all win!
    A little about me (For those who don't know me.
    My user is (self explanatory) DOTD1997
    I am on res 16074 of smp8
    I have been donator before and have ben playing for months.
    I WILL reclaim my donator status and my reputation.

    I'm 15 years of age, young of age but i do not lack maturity and intellegence, unlike alot of people my age.
    I'm a sadist. May seem like " I hate you now" and makes you think "Your a sadist, but your doing the casino thing for other's happiness" I'll explain:

    I've lived my life feeding off peoples pain and suffering as well as fear. I'm tired of it, i want to experiment with my own emotions. I want to see if i can revert my sadism and become normal, by doing this i might be able to do so. I'm also doing this so people can gain a fortune (If lucky, if not, i'll help you out somehow) and play happily.

    Anyways, see ya all around!
  2. wooooooooooooooooooooo
  3. Welcome back.
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  4. why thank you.
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  5. Welcome back, though I never knew you, I hope I can meet you soon.
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  6. Welcome back! i'll have to stop by soon
  7. maybe smp8 wont be so much of a ghost town anymore
  8. NO.
    I am the Casino King, I challenge you to take my title…
    1577 SMP1 XL Casino , not one game will you find on youtube…
    Don’t donate to this imposter spend your rupees at 1577 smp1 casino instead where 1.2M has already been paid out.
  9. Please chane your profile pic, I just woke up from a nightmare about it.
  10. i know your just promoting but i think it is unfair to DOTD as he is trying something new, its not always just going tobe a one player game happy, people can choose which casino they want to go to...
  11. especially by calling him an imposter?
  12. As requested
  13. There is a personal attack on our casino if you read his OP.. ;)
  14. welcome back:)
  15. I was here first, you may of taken over but after my revamp i will be the true king.

    I started the casino franchise and I WILL RULE IT!
    You, my friend, are the imposter. Ask hurferdurer1 and some other veteran players. I am the casino king.
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  16. I never intended to attack you, nor have i ever heard of you.

    But i swear, i will feed off your failure and anger.
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  17. ik you remeber me dotd and i will help you rise to the top again, welcome back man
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  18. i wouldnt say im a veteran im only 156 days old
  19. Happys pretty tough competition, beware.
  20. but ya what he said lol