[Re-Intro] Yo.

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  1. Yo. I'm Yank, and I'm hella rad.

    But in all seriousness, I'm yankees518 and I plan (for like the eight time) to come back to the Empire. I've been an on/off player for 788+ days, mainly because I lost interest once we added things that I didn't feel were 'French Vanilla' I felt that the Empire strayed from it's core, the economy was being monopolized *cough* ALEXCHANCE *cough* and that we were becoming more hostile. This wasn't the same empire I had come to forever ago. It didn't feel like home anymore, so I left. Recently, I've been trying to play but ya know, school and music and tumblr and stuff. So anyways, here's come quick facts about me!

    • I'm 13 Years Old
    • My name is Devon
    • I love Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Grunge, Gospel, and Gwen Stefani
    • My celebrity crush is Jennifer Lawrence
    • I'm in the Eight Grade in the US, Maryland
    • I am on like eight meds, anti depressants and growth hormones and everything
    I have school now so I'll add more.
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  2. Now where exactly in Maryland do you live? Also is it possible that I could get your social security number, I need it because my county is failing. I promise to pay you three-fold once my county is back in order! :)

    Welcome back yankee :p
  3. Welcome back Yankee :)
  4. Let's face it, who doesn't have a celebrity crush on Jennifer Lawrence?