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  1. ** NEW **

    Need potions?
    Need ingredients for your potions?
    Then I got the place for you!

    Location: /v +RBrewings at SMP 6 !
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  2. Looks great! I'll check it out.
  3. There are gonna be more potions, im busy on that ! :D
  4. Added exp bottles!
  5. Added:

    • Splash potion of weakness ( 1:07)
    • Splash potion of health II
  6. Your outta most ingridients :)
  7. Not weird if someone bought me out ;p
  8. Stocked a few items, also got some sell signs now!
    • Added a few sell signs.
    • Special deal: 2 Dragonstones for 10k each.
  9. U could supply my mall will all options that excist on Minecreaft... It would be hard but it is with the payment.
    • Re-stocked Exp bottles ( 20 r each! )
    • Re-stocked Ghast tears ( 55 r each! )
  10. New potion added!

    • Splash potion of poison.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.