Rawr! Mean Hello 0-0

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  1. Joined today, me and my mum got minecraft. Just working on getting to the same place as she is. I am here mostly to nibble your noses, why you ask? Well i never needed a reason before, and wanting to know makes you nosy, now i can nibble your nose. My name is Naminé but mostly everyone just calls me Nami, since they can't say my proper name right. I like candy, i have an issue with saying Bob a lot and i will nibble your nose eventually. Oh and i've been told i'm strange, but i give super good comfy hugs!
  2. Welcome To the Empire *hides nose* :eek:
  3. That nose is rightfully mine! Get back here this instance Minion Man!
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  4. Oh Oh :p
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire Nami. Have fun and enjoy your stay. :)
  7. I don't have a nose...
  8. Emc Member [Check]
    Part of the Forums [Check]
    A little crazy at times [Check]
    Well you fit the Emc requirements becoming a member. Congratulation :D :D :D
    Also welcome to the Empire hope you enjoy it here like rest of us do.
  9. Welcome to the Empire. You made the right choice of Minecraft servers, my friend. Have fun.
  10. Crazy at times? You are in for a rude awakening >.<
    Not at times, all the time. Hero Crafter you will go and buy a nose just so i can nibble it! Because you can just go out and buy noses..............ok nvm just get me some candy :3
  11. Welcome to EMC, its a family friendly server you have stumbled across. And I like my nose very much, Don't nibble to often.
  12. Nothing is as it seems, so just close your eyes and follow your nose ;)
    Welcome to EMC, smp6 and /v 12162
    Have fun!
  13. I don't have enough tokens to get a nose... :p You probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, welcome to the empire! (Don't bite off "BlizzaArd noses"; you'll be accused of stealing. :) [Unless you buy it. {Stupid pocket parenthesis}])
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  14. welcome to polan emc love you forever
  15. :p Welcome to EMC. If you've been told you're strange sometimes, then...

    You're in the right place.
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  16. Nibbling noses, you say? Well, I guess you're a rhinoplasticians [citation needed] dream.
    Welcome to EMC, by the way.
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  17. Welcome to the Empire! I doubt you could catch me, my nose is mine! >:3
  18. I know what nose i need, the villagers (the Squidwards). They have plenty of nose as i'm sure you all know >.< Its like the villagers were made just so i would be distracted long enough for you all the sneak away.