Raspberry Pi 2

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Do you think the Raspberry Pi 2 can run full Minecraft

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  1. Hey guys, so I'm going to ask a very stupid question:

    Can the Raspberry Pi 2 run the full MC client, and run at a decent enough speed to be playable with minor redstone creations. I Know it has 1 gig of RAM, and a quad core arm 7 (I think) Processor clocked at 900 megahertz out of the box, but can easily be overclocked to 1 gigahertz without much threat to to system. Although advertised as 6 times father, most tests show around 1.5 times faster.

    I know MC is mainly single threaded, so would the speed increase from a quad core not be beneficial.

    So here is the part where I'm going to sound like an idiot:

    The started MC client is x86 right, the raspberry pi runs an arm processor. Would it be possible to emulate the x86 environment on the Pi? I also know there are some problems with the graphics drivers. Would it also be possible to get the 4 cores to run as a single core, kinda like a cluster computer type thing?

    Would this be worth pursuing as an experiment for the cheapest possible MC pc, or just a waste of money (after you buy all the things of the Pi, it can cost a good bit of money) ?


    Also, Linux for the win!!!