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  1. Yo guys im selling the following items. Im open to negotiate the price if you PM me, If you post on this thread trying to negotiate prices it will be ignored :)


    1x - Promo Instructions (15k each)
    1x - ICC Birthday Voucher (5k each)
    3x - Turkey Slicer (16k each)
    3x - Haunted Head (13k each)
    3x - Labor Day Crafting Bench (7k each)
    2x - Unused Rudolph Egg (18k each)

    Remember these are not set prices. The prices are just setting a base to work from. As people buy I will add more promos to the list. Ignore everything above :p look at the post below for more information :)
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  2. Bump!

    Promos are now set up at chest shops on res 10667, smp5. There pretty good prices so hurry up :)

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  3. Great shop! :D
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  4. thanks :)
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  5. Bump!!
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  6. Bump! orebusters are gone and labor benches!
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  7. Ok, sorry if this is a bump but, just an update on whats left.

    - turkey slicers (13k each) (4 in stock)
    - haunted heads (10k each) (3 in stock)
  8. Bump!
  9. Bump! Im now selling following items:

    - Beacons (13 in stock) (10k each)
    - stable voucher (1 in stock) (12k each)
    - Turkey slicers (4 in stock) (7.5k each)
    - haunted head (2 in stock) (8k each)