Rare or not

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  1. Hello my friends do you stay in town a lot well in this case I can not hel you but today 4 hours non stock exploring now I did cover a lot of distance but I found a temple someone had already found but it was not raided so what I found was a book sharp 3 unbre 3 luck of the sea 3 and diamond horse armor and other thing gold iron flesh bones so is this lucky or not?
  2. Dunno what you mean about rare
  3. We'll is my find rare or nor? And it was in wild
  4. The only really rare thing in that is probably the diamond horse armor. If the enchanting book has all those enchants by itself, then it's practically useless.
  5. And someone's base was near by
  6. Title should be... Stealing or Not?

    hehe :p
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