Rare Items

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  1. i just noticed in the shop you have a few of the rare items for what i think is really cheap considering the server store is suppose to be expensive

    mossy cobble 20r
    Cocoa beans 10r

    for items that can only come from dungeon chest that seems really low
  2. It really depends on how you look at it. Prices go more for "Supply and Demand" rather than how rare it may be to obtain. Mossy cobble really won't be used as much as normal cobble. Cocoa beans are useful to make cookies, but cookies don't feed much hunger compared to the common meats.

    It really depends on how many people want a specific item, rather than its rarity.
  3. if that is true why is the saddle 250? same thing it comes from a chest and you can be sure there isn't much if any demand for that
  4. In the case of cocoa beans, since they had only two uses, we wanted to value them the same as all the other dyes, regardless of their rarity.
  5. Well, here is another thing you should keep in mind. Mossy cobble is a building material. If it were priced too high, there would be no incentive to buy it. A stack would be an incredibly high amount. The cocoa beans are in a crafting recipe, and don't serve any other purpose. A saddle is an interactive item.

    That is how I think about it. :)
  6. In that case, it's more of a novelty item. Think about going to the movies. Paying $12 to see a movie one time, and $12 - $20 on food, is certainly a super rip off, but it's for the experience. You're paying to ride a pig, and brag about riding a pig, lol.
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