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  1. Hey yall! A couple days ago on utopia, after the spawn exploded (I missed it :(), chickeneer went around dropping rare items like Turkey Slicers, and Super Dragon Poop. I am selling a few of those items. Please PM me to buy one. But first, heres some pictures of the event:

    2013-12-08_20.49.20.png 2013-12-08_20.49.32.png 2013-12-08_20.56.55.png

    Now, heres the Items:

    Item: Price:
    Turkey Slicer 8.5k
    Super Dragon Poop 7k?
    Jungle Wood dropped by Chickeneer 100r
    Jim's Bacon (renamed beacon) 10k
    Real Poo (renamed Dirt) 100r
    Poop (Coal) 100r
    Bottle O Enchanting 50r
    Bat egg 100r
    Mooshroom Egg 100r
    Anvil 300r
    Crafting Table 50r

    Please tell me if a price is unreasonable as this is my first auction. Thank You!

  2. Could I have a Jim's Bacon, thanks... or is this an auction on individual items
  3. Sorry, this is auction isn't valid as you can't auction some of those items and it's in the wrong section.
  4. What would be the right section?
  5. Well if you are just selling the items it should go under Products & Services. If this is an auction, fix what I told you to fix in game. You can't edit the OP you would have to get a mod to edit it.
  6. Sure, sorry I was not aware of these rules, but would it be fine to keep it here now that it is not an auction, or should i move it to Products & Services?
  7. It wouldn't really matter all that much, but in the future please keep it in the right section :)

    Also, if you get online I might buy some of this :)