Rare enchant on Bow??

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Merek_Shadower, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. I have 2 bows both with flame 2 and all enchants as seen. How rare is this? What would be a fair price to put on this unused bow?

  2. You can get the flame II bows pretty commonly from enraged skeletons. The rest is can be added on normally using an anvil.
  3. I have never received a flame 2 from enraged. Power 3 Unbreak 3 sure. I've killed several Marlix's which means lots of those enraged skele's. As well as tons in the wild, still no drops of flame 2. I'm usually on diff 6 or 7 commonly. I received this from a lucky enchant, well, 2. Of course I put the rest on there. Still looking for a fair price for this bow.
  4. The enraged summoned by Marlix (aka Guardians) will not drop the Flame 2 Bows to my knowledge. Only the regular Enraged Skeletons will drop the Flame 2 bows.
    Edit: Value of a flame 2 God Bow will vary from 6-15k