Rapture smp7

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  1. I have a dream of building a city at the bottom of my res. They asked me why at the bottom? There is no place else such a feet could be put. Any and all are welcome to help, I will be able to give some diamond shovels and the pay will proably be with dirt. On the bright side it will be all the dirt you can carry.
    (Insert Bioshock reference here)
  2. Good idea ( I see what ya did there :)
  3. Good idea. I would be glad to help. Call me.
  4. I'll help! Im on smp7 a lot so ill just pm u when im on sometime!
  5. So an underground thing?
    Like a building?

    And i LOVE digging :)
  6. Diggeh Diggeh HOLE!
  7. Wow was not ready for such support. Thank you. Any was I'm on usually around 3:00 us mountain.
    Happy digging
  8. Well Rapture has bin scraped due to the high levels of radiation emanating from nukes dropped on my res, and a wee bit apathy for digging over 235,000 blocks.

    Anyways prepare for a fallout themed res coming soon.
    Now where did I put my rad-x?

    A friendly Survivor-
  9. And by the sweat of your brow, SOL's Rapture can become your city as well.