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  1. I have been catching up on some forums I have missed since I started my fall classes, and I can't believe some of the stuff I read!. Aikar and Max do not HAVE to run this server. The time and money they are most likely having to spend to keep this community happy and staying around would be enough to discourage me from running this server. I don't know of ANY other servers that are this well thought out and with so many good people that have been here since the start. Change is inevitable and progress is inevitable. So we should just be glad that they are willing to jump through Mo's hoops to keep us together. I mean it does cost MONEY to run this. Not just the hardware, the software and power bill is outrageous.
  2. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I think that people forget that Max, Krystal, Aikar, and the rest of the staff team are people. Most or all staff have full time jobs and lives, and are taking so much time out of their schedule and are going through so much to keep this together. Aikar BOUGHT EMC, which at the time was unprofitable and seemed doom. That is quite the commitment. Krysyy and Aikar both have full time jobs (and must also not require sleep), and that is mind blogging! If I was in their position having to manage a job and something this big, I would have to be put in a mental institution after 1 week of doing it. I think people do not truly realize all the things Max, Krysyy, and Aikar does for us.
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  3. I personally applaud Aikar, Max, and Krysyy for what they do. I know i have enjoyed Empire since i was introduced to it back when i needed a distraction from life. Since then i have met and made friends, and a wonderful girl friend.

    Thank you Aikar, Maxarias, and Krysyy for all that you do for us all.
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  4. Kind of late to this, but I agree completely with what you are saying. Keep in mind guys that the staff do not have to be in the positions they are today. Aikar, Maxarias, Krysyy, and the rest of staff are people too, and they have jobs and duties like other regular people. Hosting a 100k+ Minecraft community server is not easy, and it is quite the dedication.
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  5. Sticky this please?
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  6. I am really confused as to what exactly you are ranting about. Not a lot of big time "everyone kill Aikar!!1!1one!" threads have happened since fall started and the community has seemed pretty supportive of the administration on this server since those apposed have pretty much left. I agree with everything you said %100 and the staff does a great job. I am just wondering what caused this rant.
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  7. Thank you! The staff deserve some more respect for what they do. I believe we should have some sort of staff appreciation week or something, and more importantly, appreciate the staff team's efforts always!
  8. well i for one hate aikar all he does is change things n stuff #bringalphaback
  9. I totally agree with this. I host a server on a VPS for my friends and I and I pay for power... It gets pretty crazy.
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  11. I'm on the same boat as jkr, I haven't seen any hate threads going around since the summer.
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  12. the fact that i have to state that my post was satire concerns me
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  13. I apologize. I don't know you very well, so I implied that you were being serious. :confused: Could you find it in your heart to forgive me? :D
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  14. Since its the internet I can't tell peoples expressions. Therefore he might be literal or using sarcasm.
  15. youre right....if you dont know me you wouldnt guess that im about 90 percent sarcastic. the people that do know however should be ashamed if they thought i was serious :p
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  16. Thank you for stating this, Ahksel.
    Our staff is doing very well building EMC, some would even say; rebuild.
    It is great to see krysyyjane9191 being allowed to fold out her great skills in managing a community. Aikar on the other hand, is coding like he was working full time on it.

    Great stuff happening for the server we all call home.

  17. I was catching up on some past posts that I have been behind on since starting my classes. I will not call out names since they apparently left, but suffice it to say that I was less than impressed with this individuals complaints. They were in fact infantile.