[Rant] Z Price iz 2 Hi!

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft. Today I bring to you a rant. This is my first ever, but will not be the last. :p

    Over the last few weeks, I've seen a lot of hijacked threads about selling things and people say "Oh, you'll never get that price" or "I'd buy it if it wasn't so darn expensive!"

    It's rude and unwanted. If you don't like the price, click off the thread; it's none of your business on the price someone sells something for!

    People set a high starting bid on auctions/set a minimum price they want for the item so they at least get a little bit of profit. Say I'm auctioning a treasure voucher and put the starting bid at 8k. Someone then says that it's too high. Oh, well, you don't like the price, but guess what? It's going to go for at least 8k.

    So, just don't tell people that their price is too high. In the 'Products' forum, it's rude. In 'Auctions,' it's just plain not aloud to be off topic. All bids must pertain to either a bid, question, or something related to the auction excluding the price.

    If someone wanted the community's opinion on prices, they'd post a thread under 'Marketplace Discussion.' It'd go something like this. 'Hi, I'm thinking of auctioning a beacon for 15k. Good price?' Then you could say 'Not really, beacons go for around 9k nowadays.' However, don't be rude about it.

    That's just something I've noticed increased amounts of over the past few weeks and it's getting quite annoying. Tell me what you guys think of this topic in the comments!

  2. I like to think of it like this;

    If you noticed somebody selling something in a shop, for let's say 100k, you fully know that the item being sold has sold for less on average. Now, you notice someone about to go any buy the item at the higher price, are you going to walk over and mention that it's higher than usual? Of course you should. Are you forcing the seller to lower the price? Of course not.
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  3. But, when someone specifically asks not to comment at all about the price, people still disregard that, and talk about the price. If you have a problem with the price, you may think it is "helpful" for people, however, it creates a lot less profit. Now, if you want to complain prices, why not take a trip down Merry Gold Lane to 1112, and look at the prices there. 20k for a Faithcaster head, and some insane prices for the EMC rare items, but, in all honesty, If Faith wants a big profit on them, he has every right to, and it is actually a very good business plan. Sooner or later, someone will buy the Valentine Rose for 200k, and it is right there, waiting to be sold.
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  4. Well, at least if the person auctioning/selling it says not to comment on the price then i'd leave it alone...
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