[Rant] Youtube likes and dislike

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  1. What do you think about this?
  2. I get what your saying I kinda disagree though
  3. I've only ever liked 3 videos, and I honestly don't know why.
  4. I disagree with most of what you said in the video. Here are a few of my points:
    Disliking a video doesn't mean the person who did it doesn't like the channel or the subject of the video. It means they did not like the video, pretty simple. People have different opinions. Of course, some opinions are more common than others, which is why most famous youtubers' videos have more likes than dislikes, but still there are some people who watch it and think "Oh wow, although I like this channel/subject/person, this video did not entertain me at all". There is a very small minority of people that dislike videos because of the uploader.
    The "If you don't like it, don't watch it" logic doesn't make sense. If you're new to a channel, you're gonna give it a chance, see if it's entertaining or not to you. If it is, you'll probably like the video. If it's not, you will most likely dislike it, because that's how you feel about it! People who return to a content creator they've previously disliked are in most cases giving that person a chance to entertain them again. The number of troll accounts aren't as big as you think, and most watchers don't even rate the videos.
    Disliking shouldn't be seen as such a bad thing. This is mostly for smaller channels that get a lot of dislikes in their first videos. If your videos have more dislikes than likes, it means you are doing something wrong and you should improve somehow. I agree that people should be more constructive on their criticism, but I've known the YT community for well over 6 years now, and that's just not gonna happen. YouTube comment section is a scary place, and it's not gonna change soon.
    One last thing: Views are a LOT more important than ratings for the bigger guys. Views make money. Ratings don't. /endrant
    This is probably a bit repetitive, sorry about it. Also, it's just my opinion. If you agree with me make sure you subscribe to my channel and favorite this comment :d
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  5. im not really sure if i disagree or agree. I think this the part "if you you dont like the video,dont watch" is false because its that one sec of the vid that makes it,if a video is all great and in the end it sucks what would you rate it? i would have disliked it because that tiny bit at the end was bad and i didnt like it.and the other bit that i agree is that if it is a small channel lets say 50-100 subs its not really worth disliking if lets say pewdiepie makes a bad vid i would have disliked that instant.and also dont think of the dislikes its all about those views. Be-sure-to-check-out-313.png e0J9dxJ.gif
  6. i barely ever like videos, but ive never diskliked a video so far and i totaly agree with you about this.
  7. I like your channel, i also agree with this so far in my youtube career i've gotten like 6 dislikes yet no hate comments...ik please don't reply saying like maybe they don't wanna comment i just think they're doing it cuz they can! (my channel isn't too popular =p)