[Rant/Suggestion] Marlixes.

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  1. Just now, a marlix spawned, and I tried to fight it. While I was doing so, I noticed many things to make the fight not just un-fun, but downright miserable.

    1: Too many Enraged Guardians. As soon as I hit the marlix once, it started spawning enraged guardians like a madman. 2-4 of them were spawning about ever 10 seconds, with the marlix still shooting at me. It went from a one-on-one duel to a game of pinball, with me as the ball. Not only are they too numerous, but they are way too hard to kill. It took around 6 hits from a voters sword, all while others are shooting you. As soon as you kill one, two more spawn. Even if you try to run, you will probably not survive, due to their insane range. Suggested Fix: Only spawn guardians after the marlix is damaged, and reduce their range. This would make it so the fight is against the marlix with the guardians as helpers, not the other way around.

    2: The punch on the bow. If I'm right under the marlix, one hit from it will immediately put me out of bow range. I often have to run back after being it once, while being shot at by guardians and the Marlix itself. This would be even worse if one fights it on a mountain or ocean, for self-explanatory reasons. Suggested Fix: Change Punch 3 to punch 1 or 2. This will still give knockback, but not the insane amount that makes you die a little inside every time you get hit.

    3: The spastic movement. I'm not sure if you can change this, but right now, trying to hit the marlix is like blindfolded darts. The bat moves so randomly that even the best bowman (or woman) has trouble hitting them. Yes, I've tried to predict where it'll be, but it never works. The most effective strategy, at this point, is to just aim somewhere near it and pray that it hits. Suggested Fix: Massively nerf the bat's speed, or replace the bat with a ghast. (Easier to hit, Moves slower, and adds fireballs to make up for the size.

    TL;DR: Spawn less guardians, replace punch 3 with punch 1 or 2, and slow down the bat as much as possible/replace it with a ghast.

    Rhythmically out.
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  2. I've given up on attacking with a bow entirely. I just wait until he hovers into some kind of a hole or gets close to the ground and I charge him with a melee. You're more likely to get hit when trying to shoot him, and then his punch will put you even farther away. I really hate that bat movement, lol.

    On another note, does looting affect drops?
  3. I like all of these ideas except the last one, the spastic movements are what make it hard to hit with the bow, if it was a ghast, Marlix would be waaay to easy to take down with a bow. The Punch idea is a great plan, like it said, if it hits you, you won't hit it again. The enraged guardians are what I consider to be the most annoying mob on EMC, +1,000 for that if I could, but these are just my opinions :)
  4. I have to say, that i have only been back a week and have had to fight off 6 marlixs already. that being said I can see why you find them an issue.

    As for the minions they spawn i have found they cap off after a bit kill enough of them and bamm no more issue. As for the movement, it's riding a bat, I don't foresee any way for them to control said movement of the bat. The whole point of the boss mob is to make it hard. If they were easy to kill the loot would be worthless.
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  5. infact another just spawned, time to go fight it.
  6. I prefer swords over bows tbh

    I should actually make a guide on how to kill a momentus and a marlix. But that I will have to get to the drawing board to do. I like the rant
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  7. Please make a guide. I have around 4 marlixes hovering over an ocean that I can't kill. >_>

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  8. marlix + ocean = all hope lost
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  9. +1
    Yes. I agree Marlix is not perfected. I believe that Bat's movement can be slowed, rather than a Ghast. A Ghast's Hitbox being so massive would probably - I don't know. I agree with the Uncontrollable Guardian Spawning, infact, it's even worst if your next to 2-4 Marlix, and this is possible. Though, as there should be some reasonable changes to be made, let's not forget that Marlix is not meant to be hard, but meant to be killed. Also, that Helmet Bug where it breaks during day really needs to be fixed some how.
  10. I've defeated quite a few (around 5) Marlixes actually the way they are now, but I do like this suggestion with reducing the Guardians range and widening the hitbox for said Marlix.