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  1. This is my first rant and it was done on a phone, sorry for any spelling mistakes.

    I don't usually rant but I will. Shopping centres or mega malls, call it what you want. Over the past few months there has been an increasing amount of people wishing to build a mega mall. Now, I am not ranting about them in general, I am ranting about what a risk they are taking. You may think 'If I build a Mega Mall, I will be rich!' No. Building a mega mall costs rupees. Alot. If you want to build a mega mall. Do it when you have the rupees. Don't start one as soon as you start EMC or as doom as your down to your last few rupees. What people don't relies is that a small shop is big profit and a big shop is small profit. A small shop that sells a varity of items can be successful. But with a big shop (mega mall) you can lose a lot of profit. Before you start hating this thread because I know there will be. Just think. Think about what I said. "A small shop is big profit but a big shop is small profit.

    I'm not finished. Current successful mega mall owners probably started with their own small shop and it developed later on. I will stop ranting but remember. Think.
  2. This is partially true. Most players build megamalls because they see how successful 1112/413/14141 are. But what they don't realize is that there are SO MANY megamalls out there that people have spent their life savings on that nobody even knows about because one or two dominate the market. The sad part is that the person the goes on to spend all of their money building what can potentially be a huge failure and get added to the list of 20+ malls that little/none know about/use. A great tip that could have probably saved a few failures: add a limit to your items. Don't leave an empty double chest there for people to sell to, cap it. Place dirt in most of the slots and keep your stock in the rest. This is to prevent people from filling up your entire chests with junk items which can eventually lead to a failed business that could have been a success if it had not made such a silly mistake.

    What I'm planning to do is make a medium-sized one that specializes in only the most popular items at slightly less price than most megamalls and I'll cap my chests, I don't see how that could go wrong :p
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  3. You don't need to buy the items. There is a wild/waste. So what do you care if someone is trying to have some fun and build a new Mall for everyone if there all out of stock. I check the malls made by other players that aren't so "famous" first. Then go to malls like 4005. Please to not tell other players off from doing a wonderful creation. Thanks :)
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  4. Honestly I don't see mega-malls as much of a threat as the vast majority are halted at early construction before any major rupees are spent anyways
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  5. Uhm, not to be rude but you are one of the very few that searches through non-popular malls before checking the more well-known ones. However, that's not such a bad thing. Sometimes if I want to buy a lot of something and I think the mainstream malls are too expensive, I do check any mall that I can find regardless of popularity and 90% of the time it saves me money over the usual ones. Though if I just need something small quickly I take a 10 second trip to a usual mall because I've been there enough to literally memorize where the items I want are located so I don't have to search around. I don't really mind paying a few rupees extra for convenience :)
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  6. I thought I would bump this.
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  7. Well...
    As a currently building a mega mall...
    I can tell you a few things.
    It is not about what you sell, but your personality, and friendliness towards others. I have tons of friends, and I know that as soon as 202 opens, they would buy from me all the time. I already have my market, and I am not even finished with the lobby of the mall yet. The res number is also important, 1112, 413, they are near some famous landmarks. Even krysy's Tardis on smp 2 is doing that. So am I, by having my res directly behind JustinGuy's Res. The materials also matter a lot when building. If you noticed, 1112, 413, and the tardis, are mostly made out of wool. It's a very cheap material many people use, but with it comes a downside. There is no variety between two malls. That's why I am using iron blocks. It's not cheap, but it shows I am trying my best to make it different. It's not just about building a mall, it is a lot of factors. I have been auctioning things away to get more money for my mall, and it has working out great! I agree with you on some points, but, there are a lot of ways around it. It's just, this is what I think about the situation, it's not my fault, it's not the mall's, it's yours.
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