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Do you like PMC?

It's horrible 5 vote(s) 45.5%
Love It! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Eh, it's useful, but really annoying... 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. Don't ask me why I'm using it, but I am.

    PMC, it's the worst website on the planet. It's absolutely horrible... The interface is very un-intuative, it took me a whole minute to work out how to delete a PM. But why did I have to delete that PM you ask? Well, I was trying to create a PM, and when I pressed send, it just constantly said saving, no confirmation of creation, no redirect, nothing.

    But the worst part of the site, worse than the people on it who appear to be uneducated, is the fact that it seems to crash almost every 5 minutes. I'm constantly refreshing the page because of other problems on the page, and about 4/5 times, it gave me an error.

    I honestly wish someone could create something new, something better than PMC.

    Anyways, thats the end of my rant. :p
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  2. Its so well known and so popular that unfortunately, the owners know that they don't have to anything because they are so big, so they don't care. Their forums are also a huge joke IMO.
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  3. Yeah :/ Some of the things I've seen on their forums... almost worse than that of the Minecraft forums.
  4. Never heard of it. lol
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  5. Thats likely a good thing...
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  6. lol oh ok :p well good then
  7. You are correct, sir. ::p
  8. PMC = Planet Minecraft :p
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  9. Their Lithuania milk has been expired for years now, that's why PMC site is so horrible.
    (Pienas MineCraft means Milk Minecraft. Or Piens MineCraft if you prefer Latvian milk, or Piim MineCraft if you prefer Estonian milk)
    Meh, I only use that site when I want new skin to use.
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  10. OH ! lol ya.. that site is horrid..
  11. I know...taking what seems like hours to load a page,terrible modders.I don't know why it's still up.
  12. Its the only site that I know does TP, otherwise I wouldnt use it at all xD
  13. TP?Whats that?
  14. TexturePack?....
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  15. Oh.I think 9minecraft has those too.
  16. Loads of minecraft sites do TP's, if you don't like PMC go google minecraft sites :p

    Also, the picture compression thing is annoying, it makes every picture look bad
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  17. Tbh, I only use it for their chat to advertise EMC/my server. :D