*Rant* Let me get some things off my chest.

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  1. Hey guys, so basically, what started me on this mood was a certain EMC player. I'm not going to give names, so lets call them Steve.

    Steve made a forum about safety and how they were quitting

    This made me very angry to be perfectly honest.

    (They blew lots of things out of proportion..etc)
    But here we go.

    So, how people blow things out of proportion,


    At school today, we had a social skills meeting.

    They told us about how
    and that they
    in every one of them.

    They NEVER let me give my three cents
    because they knew

    that I did a report on them last year

    and how not all, but many, do use tricking techniques.

    I was steaming

    Okay, thats all.


    I wasted your time.

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  2. Well whoever held the meeting is a hypocrite in that case :3
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  3. I know who you're talking about when you Steve. I'll agree with you, that was blown right out of proportion and didn't need to happen at all.

    As for the adverts, lots of them do use techniques to draw you in... Not all of them "tricking" as such, but most adverts are there to pull you in. Agreed again - most, but not all use tricking techniques :)
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  4. Seems like a useless class. You could stop going? I never went to useless classes. :D
  5. I have no choice
    the whole school has to go to it from 6th+
  6. You guys have a choice over there? 0-o
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  7. Every McDonald's advert ever is a lie. They show this crisp, delicious, and succulent sandwich but when you buy it it's a squishy patty on a bun wrapped in recycled paper.
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  8. Okay, yes I can agree.

    But other things,
    they said even commercials about preventing smoking.

    (Responding to what they said)

    So you're telling me you just hunted someone out that wanted to pretend like they smoked and lost a leg?

    And that #TheTruth, is fake?

    I've done my research, and #TT and the Survivor commercials
  9. Well, I've known someone who was an actor for a wounded warrior's commercial he felt despicable doing it, but when you need money. Makeup and graphic artists can do wonders for commercials. Not saying everyone is acting or an actor but it is possible that they could be. I do think that they blew the advertisements being a lie out of proportion but there is some truth in it.
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  10. They tell us all of things like that at school too. They say everything on the internet and television is a lie. And it is all a bunch of marketing strategies. Not saying it is not but not every single thing true but not every single thing is fake. It is all kind of useless.
  11. Adverts lie, statistics lie, people lie. We're humans, it's what we do. The key is to figure out that very few people are doing it maliciously, most people that make them are just like you and me, trying to their job the best they can.
  12. It's also important to distinguish which are lying and which are real. There are some products that are what they say there are but there always that one quote that comes to mind. "If it's too good to be true, it usually is." This applies to EMC as well, some people scam (another form of lying) and it's mainly up to you to decide whether or not a deal is worth the risk.
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  13. I'd say there's a lot more 'too good to be true' to EMC than scams :p
  14. Nah but scams were the closest thing I could think of to apply to an "advertisement lies" thread
  15. Yes the #truth movement lies and the commercials are so far out in left field I didn't think anyone actually believes them -_-

    If your speaker/ teacher whoever they were was talking about tellievision then they weren't exactly lying or exaggerating for that matter. Saying that all advertising is lying is stretching the truth though... a littlebit.
  16. Okay,
    a bit harsh
    but I don't want to fight
  17. No offense, but does your "research" consist solely of watching TV and reading stuff on the internet? :)

    Question everything.

    Pay especially close attention to a) who is making a claim, and b) what they are claiming. If you want to really understand try this exercise with any recent police shooting -- Choose a report that seems factual and unbiased, read it, then read it again pretending that whatever the article claims is the complete opposite of the truth...it's an eye opening exercise to analyze how journalists and the media blend multiple viewpoints to create a persuasive (and often false) narrative.

    I'm not sure if this exercise will work. When I "completed it" I did it with real knowledge of the events so could easily spot how the journalists twisted statements and substituted facts with witness opinions. (Where witness could be some neighbor that wasn't even home at the time.)

    Everyone has a choice. Choosing to believe that you don't is also a choice.
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  18. Quote of the year. I wanna hug it and snuggle it and call it George.
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  19. I never said nobody has a choice. I said over here I have to attend the classes that I get given otherwise I'm off to exclusion, and if I do it repeat times I get sent away to a job for 3 days a week.
  20. No, It doesn't.
    The report was a school assignment.
    I read articles, books, and other research to make my report.

    Actually I barely watch TV tbh